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Baby Jesus in Our House

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All About Baby Jesus in Our House

Baby Jesus in Our House was written as a Christmas Eve gift for my home Church.

As recipients shared this gift  to family and friends, it's theme of the Baby Jesus doll being moved around your home and  tracking acts of love, joy and kindness  in  everyday life 

resonated with families in an astounding way.

 An outpouring of  requests for more of the giftset for further gifting has brought us here- a Baby Jesus in Our House gift line. 

 The Baby Jesus in Our House  book gift line encourages families to focus on the attributes of Love Joy and Kindness by reading the book which invites the reader to place the baby Jesus around your home. Each night the family is to gather back together to talk and chronicle in the back of the book the ways each person has seen these positive acts.

The artwork is reproduced from original watercolors by Susan C. Bishara and it's character's are diverse, joyous and  inclusive - children that everyone can relate to.

Through this precious little rhyming book we hope you will find that the  three most important teachable moments for children are: 

  • Love God

  • Love self

  • and to Love others.

Help us spread the joy of this special gift set through additional purchases or fundraising opportunities for your group.

You can learn more by joining our Facebook or Instagram pages

Coming Soon 

  • Large hard bound Baby Jesus book

  • New book titles with our familiar characters 

It is my sincere hope that this book blesses you with love and joy your whole life through- Blessings, Susan C. Bishara 

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